3 Motivational Quotes From Non-Profit Leaders to Inspire Your Team

In order to lead a productive and successful team, it’s important to keep your employees motivated. But ping pong tables and break out rooms simply aren’t enough – you need to learn to communicate with your teams to find out their aspirations and encourage them to do their best.

If you’re lacking in inspiration however, it’s perfectly acceptable to piggy back on the success of others, whether this is following their industry best practices or simply quoting their genius to your staff! Rather than using tired platitudes from global business leaders, there is a lot to be learned from non-profit leaders. Next time you’re thinking about how to lead your team to success, look to these motivational quotes from non-profit leaders.

“The challenge for leaders today is how to build the confidence and capacity to deal with uncertainty.” – Philip Goodwin, CEO of VSO International
To lead your employees, you need to inspire them to be leaders themselves! In all businesses, staff teams are presented with a new challenge every day of the week. Encourage your teams not only to expect, but to embrace the uncertainty.

VSO International deals with these new obstacles every day in their fight to save newborn babies around the world. They regularly recruit volunteers to help them overcome the uncertainty that the modern world throws at them.

“Honour the past, be realistic about the present, and be ambitious about the future.” – Jeremy Pelczer, former Chair of WaterAid
Every business goes through a journey, from the humble days starting up in a CEO’s bedroom to becoming a multinational. That is why teams should remember their roots while focusing on the here and now – be realistic about setting your goals, but don’t be afraid to dream!

“Every human life is worth defending.” – Stephen Cornish, Executive Director of MSF Canada
Of course, this is a little more extreme in a charity context, but the same principles can be applied in leadership. Whether your team are defending themselves against complex legal issues or simply having a hard day, you should work hard to ensure that everybody is treated well, equally and with respect.

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