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Top 3 Charity Marketing Campaigns Of 2019

Charity campaigns often use the best available marketing channels to provide great content for their supporters. These marketing campaigns present inspiring information that develops an awareness of a large group of people who may benefit from the charity’s ideas. In...

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The Future of Digital Marketing in the Charity Sector

New digital technologies are progressively altering the way organisations connect with their audiences, including charities  In the old days, fundraising was a very easy and straightforward process. You’d give a fundraising collector in the streets your spare change...

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How To Get More Donations Using Facebook Ads

By using Facebook ads, you will absolutely get more likes, boost posts, encourage website traffic, increase views of a particular video, and ultimately entice people to take the action of donating. Facebook Ads can be created using unique headlines, wordings, and also...

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3 Ways Charities Can Use Social Media To Generate Donations

The main challenge that most charities face is getting donations. Some charities even end up closing their doors because they lack the funds to drive their projects to completion. However, organisations that seek support from people need to harness the power of social...

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3 Tips To Create a Donation Generating Google Ads Campaign

Church budgets, like congregations, are being squeezed all the time. That makes it important for you to use online advertising to tap new audiences and sources of revenue. With an above 86% share of the search engine market, a Google Ads campaign can help. How does...

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How To Make Your Non-Profit Emails Stand Out With Mailchimp

As a non-profit organisation, regular contact with supporters, donors and volunteers is essential. And one of the easiest, quickest ways to do this is through a mailing list. MailChimp is a great platform for building and managing your email list, as you probably...

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How To Get More Donations For Your Charity

How To Get More Donations For Your Charity As a charity you understand that the more people who donate to your cause, the better placed you will be to continue your good work. But understanding how to best get your message out there to likeminded people,...

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Why Your Non-Profit Branding is Important

Why Your Non-Profit Branding is Important Non-profit organisations tend to face a bigger challenge than for-profits when it comes to engaging the public, due to non-profit organisations not providing instant gratification or a useful product/service for...

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Fundraising is NOT Sales

Fundraising is NOT Sales Whether you’re new to charity or are a seasoned fundraiser, acquiring funds for a good cause is doubtless extremely hard work. Successful fundraising takes rigorous planning: you need to establish a target, formulate creative plans...

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