By using Facebook ads, you will absolutely get more likes, boost posts, encourage website traffic, increase views of a particular video, and ultimately entice people to take the action of donating. Facebook Ads can be created using unique headlines, wordings, and also images.

The following are the type of Facebook ads you can use to get donations:

1. Post Engagement Ad

If you want to increase the number of people who see a particular post on your Page, this type is very effective. You just need to promote an engaging post to enhance nudging it into the stratosphere.

2. Call to Action Ad

By using Facebook Ads manager, there are a number of choices you can make. They include: Boosting your posts, making your page get more likes and become more visible, getting more video views, and sending people to your website among others.

Here are some characteristics a great Facebook Ad should have:

•It should feature an eye-catching and colourful visual.

•It should promote a specific call-to-action that is measurable.

•It should look like part of the Facebook News Feed.

•The ad should make people do what you want them to.

Getting started

First, you need an optimized Facebook Page and then begin creating an ad campaign. Secondly, identify your ads’ campaign goal. The following are a few sample objectives for Facebook ads you need to consider:

• Get more Facebook page “Likes”

• Ask for year-end donations

• Enhance engagement on a particular post

• Invite more people to your event

Thirdly, select unique and high-quality images which you must have the rights to. The Facebook Advertiser Help Center has detailed guidelines for ideal format and image size. Ensure the image doesn’t contain texts and logos exceeding 20%. Also, take your time in creating an eye-catching image.

Finally but definitely not least, tailor your ad to target a particular audience for you to maximize the chances of getting more donations.

Here are some targeting options for your ad campaign:

• Custom Audiences – This means you can target ads to people you know by uploading your contact list into Facebook.

• Interests – choose interests your intended audience have such as “community involvement” or “volunteering”.

• Behaviours – target users who use Facebook mobile, make purchases online, as well as those who make charitable online donations.

• Connections – Through this, you can direct your ad to your fans on Facebook and their friends.

Important points to note

For better engagement, your Facebook ads should change regularly. But if an ad performs very well, maintain it until the numbers drop.

Committing to Facebook ads needs time to learn best practices and acquire new techniques in the industry, as Facebook’s ad platform does change frequently. For you to create successful ads, knowledge of how Facebook works is essential.

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