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The Christian Opinion Panel: Giving Survey

Welcome to our latest Christian Opinion Panel Survey, this was commissioned by TMH Media as a follow up to our successful 2015 consumer survey of UK Christians.

In our latest study we surveyed Christian TV viewers. Our research enabled us to join the dots between their TV viewing habits and their charitable giving behaviour. This has enabled us to gain a much more in-depth understanding into how Christians donate. The survey is made up of 546 UK Christians and delivers insight into their giving habits.

Highlights include information on Legacy Giving, and that an overwhelming 87% of Christian TV viewers give to charity.

“Christianity is the largest religion in the UK according to the 2011 Census. Over 33 million (59.3 percent of the UK population) confirmed they were Christians when asked, ‘what is your religion?’. For many charitable organisations it is an un-tapped audience and one which they struggle to effectively engage and connect with.”

“Our experience with and insight into the UK Christian population, their media habits and donation patterns, shows that, with the right message through the right channel, charities and churches can successfully reach and engage with this large donor base”.

Emma Freeman Tinsley

Managing Director, TMH Media

TMH Media

TMH is a specialist marketing and media agency working across the globe with faith and ethnic organisations, charities and social enterprises. We use our audience understanding and knowledge of specialist TV, radio, press, digital and outdoor channels to shape strategies and for more than 30 years our work has helped our clients to connect, build belief and maintain relationships, establishing meaningful communities nationally and internationally.

Our clients include the Bible Society, Mind, Compassion, NSPCC, OXFAM, Salvation Army and WaterAid.

What’s Included in the Survey

Questions covered: The individuals’ attitude to giving, the amount they give to charity, the frequency by which they give, the type of charitable causes they support, how engaged they feel with the charities they support, how much they give and how important it is to them to give.

The report also has a large section devoted to church giving, covering: amount given, whether they tithe their wages to their church, how frequently they give to their church and how important it is to them to give to their church. There are over 40 questions in total.

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