Does Your Faith Play a Part in Your Political Views?

In the latest Christian Opinion Panel Survey, we found out that 78% of our survey participants are registered to vote in the UK. This sparked a discussion for us. Does your faith play a part in your political views?

Our latest Christian research project, conducted among 546 Christians in October 2017, explores the attitudes of Christians towards charitable giving, but also reveals some interesting results as far as politics are concerned. Here are some of the key findings, as well as our wider thoughts on the link between faith and politics.

Fewer Christians are registered to vote – and actually voting – than The Christian Opinion Panel Survey two years ago.

While 78% of those surveyed are registered to vote, this is actually a drop from the 84% recorded in our 2015 survey. And while 67% voted in the last general election (compared with a national turnout of 68.7%), the number has actually fallen from 74%, despite the percentage of voters rising in the wider population.

The Brexit vote has not lessened charitable giving

Despite the Brexit vote weakening the pound and thereby affecting consumer spending power, levels of charitable giving among Christians remain high. 87% give to charity – in line with the findings of the 2015 survey – although the frequency of giving has seen a slight drop.

Could politicians’ political leanings have an impact too?

Theresa May has made no secret of her Christianity – but are her declarations of faith good Christian marketing, or shooting her in the foot? The daughter of an Anglican vicar, public comments about her faith may attract Christian voters – or may repel them. Voting in favour of same-sex marriage may sway the political opinions of some Christian voters, as may her statement that the guidance offered by Sharia law could benefit the UK.

We’ll end with a question. Should religion have an impact on politics, or should the two be kept separate? Let us know what you think!

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