Why Your Non-Profit Branding is Important

Non-profit organisations tend to face a bigger challenge than for-profits when it comes to engaging the public, due to non-profit organisations not providing instant gratification or a useful product/service for them. A strong brand in any sector contributes to the acquiring of financial, human and social resources, in addition to building key partnerships. When these facts are considered, it is clear the branding of any non-profit organisation should be one of its main priorities.

Why is branding important?

A brand, of course, enables you to communicate your message to the public; the lack of support from the public can be critical for a non-profit organisation. The importance of a brand has been emphasised many times for non-profit organisations, but it should be pointed out that a brand can also be of great importance to the internal workings of an organisation. Strategic branding can strengthen internal identity, according to research carried out by Nathalie Kylander. Without a non-profit’s workers having a common goal(s), and strong working relationships with one another, its progress in successfully carrying out its work can be hindered.

Focusing on key messages and goals

With today’s society containing a large amount of information, compared to any point in the past – whether it be due to the maze of information on the Internet, the increased number of written publications in society, and the huge amount of advertising, whether on the Internet or in physical form – any non-profit organisation needs to make every effort to not only effectively communicate its brand, but to also ensure that its message and goals stand out from anything else. The attention of potential stakeholders should be grabbed before something else gains their attention.

With the support of the public essential for a non-profit organisation, overall, maintaining the brand of such an organisation should be one of its key priorities. In order to ensure the success of a brand, its development should be aligned with all activities of the organisation, where possible. A brand should also connect with internal and external stakeholders.

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